The situation faced by many organisations that choose to manage SAM internally, is one of continuous challenges such as; having the appropriate budget, finding skilled resource; maintaining the knowledge base and staff retention.

So why not outsource SAM?

As with many questions, there’s no right or wrong answer, it depends upon your organisation and its needs.

Below is a section from a table in our Whitepaper, highlighting various pro’s and con’s for both Insourcing and Outsourcing. It’s not an exhaustive list but it does highlight key areas for consideration. It is advisable to consider these in conjunction with the section on Cost Implications, to provide a balanced view.

See the full table in our Whitepaper

What about the Cost Implications? 

There are infinite scenarios upon which to calculate costs, as they can differ across each organisation, however the examples included in our Whitepaper provide a good benchmark from which to build a more accurate illustration for your business. And remember, the weight of an organisation’s investment needs to include intangible aspects of SAM, the people and process, not just the tools.

The scenarios in our Whitepaper, illustrate the costs based on a ‘reasonable test’ but costs will differ from country to country, region to region and vendor to vendor.

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SAM Insourcing vs Outsourcing