Whitepaper SAM Insourcing vs OutsourcingOver the next few weeks the content of our blogs will be excerpts taken from our latest whitepaper: SAM Insourcing Vs Outsourcing where we explore numerous factors that need to be understood and weighed up before an informed decision can be made. In this piece we cover:

What is Effective SAM and Why is it so Important?

To most, SAM is somewhat of a ‘dark art’ and few organisations really understand how important it is to ensure licensing agreements are adhered to, that is, until it’s too late. Getting it right is important and in today’s environment, the following must be seriously considered:

Fact: Software is expensive.
Fact: Licensing is complex by vendor design.
Fact: Skilled resource is expensive.
Fact: SAM experts are difficult to find.
Fact: There is significant risk associated to getting SAM wrong.
Fact: Executive buy-in dramatically increases the success of SAM.

So why do many organisations believe inexperienced staff can; effectively manage SAM, negotiate favourable terms with resellers and vendors, efficiently handle vendor audits and ultimately optimise software usage to save, what can result in, significant amounts of money?

It’s a bit like asking a team of trainee accountants to; produce the organisation’s annual accounts, negotiate funding with the bank, minimise taxation and devise a future finance strategy. They understand finance but to reach the appropriate skill and experience level, resourcing and funding the team has to be right.

So from an Executives viewpoint, what are the benefits of applying the right resourcing and funding to SAM?


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SAM Insourcing vs Outsourcing