Our SAM Services

In addition to our specialist consultancy service, we provide a range of defined SAM Services to compliment your own SAM activities. No matter where you are on your journey, we can help you to deliver an effective and sustainable program.


We assess and ensure all inventory and discovery tools are fit for purpose and are deployed correctly to return accurate data on all hardware and software utilised in your environment. This is what’s included:

Suitability Testing
Working with you, we determine the effectiveness of your current inventory and discovery tools to ensure they are fit for purpose.
Deployment and Setup
Using your existing tools or additional as required, we ensure correct installation and setup so that all hardware and software can be discovered accurately.
Data Verification
We assist you in the discovery process to ensure data correctness and verify the results against your organisational information, including security patches and other updates. This creates a baseline for the integrity of all ongoing activity and conformity for accurate restore points.

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    Data Cleanse

    We remove all technical noise from 3rd party inventory tool data, enabling effective recognition of software titles, whilst fully identifying license dependencies for each. Here is what’s included:

    Our Cleansing

    • Integrates with over 100 different software inventory tools.
    • Removes all technical noise from data collected by third party software inventory and asset management tools.
    • Provides improved recognition of software titles.
    • Provides consistent naming conventions for a Manufacturer, Product, Version and Edition.
    • Removes duplications and other irregularities.
    • Identifies license liability associated to all deployed software (licensable, freeware, shareware).
    • Categorises software by product type.

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    Proof of Licensing

    We build a single source library with your proof of licence entitlement, through information available from multiple sources, including historical records from resellers and vendors. Here is what’s included:

    Evidence Location
    This element can be very difficult and time consuming for organisations to achieve. We gather and verify all acceptable license proof, including historical information for evidencing base licenses, which can be a significant issue during audit reconciliation.
    Reseller Records Verification
    To ensure all evidence is gathered and verified from resellers, we contact past and present partners, adding their records to the unified repository.
    Agreement Matching
    Past and present vendor agreements determine what rights you have and what evidence is required. These are reviewed and matched to demonstrate Proof of License.
    Unify Multiple Repositories
    We unify disparate repositories containing license information. For example, purchasing, IT and other business units may each have separate records.

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      Effective License Position (ELP)

      We perform a license reconciliation to determine your Effective License Position. Our analysis shows if you have the correct allocation and consumption of license user rights in adherence with vendor agreements and your documented proof of entitlement. Here is what’s included:

      Effective License Position (ELP)

      • Import your clean install data
      • Import and verify all valid proof of license, highlighting any instances where you could be challenged. If there are any such areas, we will show two results; 1) including and 2) excluding challenge areas.
      • Provide draft results for verification by you so any anomalies can be clarified prior to final analysis.
      • Perform a full license reconciliation to determine your ELP.

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      We help you identify and realise significant cost savings through detailed analysis of your ELP and vendor agreements, optimised for your company and it’s structure. Here is what’s included:

      Analysis and Optimisation
      We provide a full ELP and vendor agreement analysis to identify and realise significant cost savings taking into account many areas including but not limited to:

      • Size and structure of your organisation including; business units, affiliated companies and their ownership, regional geography and budgeting needs.
      • Hardware environment including; desktops, laptops, tablets, mobiles, servers and on premise/cloud mix.
      • Software environment including; deployment, setup, single products, suites, versions, access requirements, re-harvesting, usage, virtualisation and mobility.
      • Development environment including; subscriptions, deployment and usage, transferability, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and contractors.

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