Independent Software Asset Management Expertise

How effective is your SAM? Are you spending too much or at risk?

Digital businesses cannot function without software, which is forcing IT leaders to deliver better process and cost transparency to improve IT services, license compliance, and alignment with business objectives.”  Gartner logo

Daily work pressures can mean, managing software assets loses its priority and becomes overlooked. It is a complex and often tedious discipline to get right but without the proper skills, tools and processes, lack of attention can be very costly.

LMO delivers independent expertise throughout the software lifecycle, removing complexity to provide your business with the right Software Asset Management (SAM) solution.

Every business has different needs, level of SAM maturity and objectives; by understanding your maturity level we can determine your current position and work with you to develop, implement and maintain a SAM program in line with ISO/IEC 19770-1 standards.

SAM Tools do not deliver effective SAM, without the right skills and processes too, your SAM program is doomed.

Start your journey by taking our Free SAM Maturity Assessment to understand your current SAM effectiveness.

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