Free SAP Optimisation Test


Correctly licensed for SAP? Paying too much? At risk?

LMO offers a no obligation optimization test, which only takes 3 – 4 hours to complete, and will show overspend and potential risks.

Companies must measure their systems once a year to ensure they are using SAP products correctly. They typically do this on their own based on SAP guidelines and then submit the results.

“To be able to measure all the users of your SAP systems uniquely and precisely, you have to classify your users prior to every system measurement based on their actual usage and the underlying price lists with the corresponding contractual user type.”  SAP

This poses a major challenge for companies with large numbers of SAP users, a complex SAP landscape and multiple production systems. Reliable usage data must be collected to assign the optimal license to every SAP user at any time, which requires a significant effort in personnel, time and money that cannot be met when done manually. Therefore, to ensure compliance and avoid under-licensing, SAP customers usually grant licenses based on authorizations, meaning users often receive a maximum license rather than a cheaper one that fits their usage behaviour much better. This results in unnecessary additional costs for licenses and maintenance due to over-licensing.

LMO provides a no obligation optimization test, which only takes 3 – 4 hours to complete, that shows overspend and potential risks.

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