Recycling Software
License Assets

Do you have unwanted software licenses? Would you like to gain revenue for them?

LMO provides a service to identify disused / surplus Microsoft ‘Volume’ software licences (‘Select’ / ‘Open’ / ‘Enterprise’) from European (EEA) solvent and insolvent organisations, which are then sold/transferred at discounted rates to businesses which are growing, migrating or experiencing a licence shortfall.

All business is warranted, meaning that all software licences purchased have been first put into use within the EEA region and proof of ownership is provided for every purchase/sale in accordance with the EU Software Directive 2009/24/EC.

Sell / Trade-In Software

This is an ‘all in one’ solution for Insolvency Practitioners and Case Managers to realise a value for the intangible software license assets, which involves a ‘no fee’ remote software licence audit.

Alternatively, you may be a solvent Private or Public sector organisation that no longer needs all its licences due to restructuring, downsizing, migrating, moving to the Cloud or a competitor’s Open source product.

Whatever the reason, the disused software licences that your organization (insolvent or solvent business) owns, may retain a residual value. To find out how you can realise a monetary value for your software license assets.

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