Managed Services


SAPFor organizations using SAP, LMO delivers a focused managed service that includes a unique SAP measurement and management tool, so you will always have the correct blend and number of SAP licenses for your requirements. This service includes; monthly updates and reports, audit defence and assistance with SAP negotiations.

SAP license management has complex requirements

Which employee uses which SAP applications? Do they have the correct user license for it? How many licenses are there in the company overall, and how many would be needed? Is SAP data used indirectly by third-party or homegrown applications? What licensing metrics and conditions are used with each of your SAP products?

Non-compliance and under-licensing

Major financial and legal risk is posed by under-licensing. In this case, a user’s actual usage exceeds the scope authorized by their license. SAP may therefore demand additional payments or the purchase of additional licenses, a situation that may involve legal proceedings. But in many cases, there is no need to buy additional licenses. Sometimes it is enough to redistribute or reclassify users to free up enough licenses and put them to a different use. However, the results of the SAP system measurement do not reveal this potential.

LMO can help you make SAP license management easy, through the samQ License Optimizer for SAP, which creates transparency and grants user licenses automatically and dynamically based on their actual usage of SAP systems.

Our service is supported by 25 SAP licensing specialists to deliver your SAP managed service

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