The underlying justification for implementing a Software Asset Management (SAM) program is the need to apply good corporate governance to all of your organisation’s software assets, including the management of all the associated risks arising from the use of these assets. The potential benefits of implementing a well-defined SAM programme are significant and should usually greatly exceed the implementation and operating cost.

LMO’s goal is to assist you in implementing such a programme, however, to do this, it is essential that we first understand the risks produced from your existing software licence management activities and identify an effective plan to mitigate the risks spawned from the execution of these tasks. Too often, this task is overlooked and, subsequently, leads to a badly specified SAM project, which never achieves the desired outcomes.

Completing a LMO Risk Assessment will guarantee that your organisation implements a SAM program that immediately alleviates the risks produced from managing your software assets, including any financial exposure that this could be producing.

During our assessment, all processes that could impact software are targeted and a quantitative or qualitative value of risk is assigned to the current software procurement and licence management activities. Thereafter, a comprehensive Management Report is produced that provides detailed synopsis of each activity, including process effectiveness and recommended countermeasures required to mitigate associated risk.

On completion of this assessment, our experienced specialists will then help define and implement a plan that will ensure that your company accomplishes its SAM objectives and introduce measures that enable you to monitor the effectiveness of the controls implemented.

From our experience, this approach is the only way to ensure that you implement a programme that delivers your requirements and guarantees the expected return on investment. Call us today to find out how we can help.