SAM - Insourcing
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 SAM In/Outsourcing

SAM Insourcing vs Outsourcing

The approach with this Whitepaper is to provide a balanced overview of what is required to deliver effective SAM and then challenge your thinking.

It cuts through the complexity and guides you in a common sense way, to help you make an informed decision of whether to insource or outsource.


That is the question many organisations ask at some point during their Software Asset Management (SAM) journey, from initial recognition that effective SAM is important in avoiding risk and minimising cost, to fully embracing SAM in line with ISO19770-1.

There are many aspects to consider and what is right for one organisation will differ to another so to help you toward the right choice, this Whitepaper considers and explores numerous factors that need to be understood and weighed up before an informed decision can be made.

This includes cost, which is an important element but often there are external factors beyond your control to make the decision making process extremely challenging but careful planning and ongoing monitoring can make all the difference between success and failure.


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