SQL Server
2014 Licensing

SQL 2014 Licensing

Effective SAM

One of the most expensive mistakes an organisation can make is to mismanage its Microsoft SQL Server licensing. SQL Server has become a necessity to many organisations and is a prerequisite to many third party tools.

The problem is – how do you determine what licences you require and how do you demonstrate that that you are correctly licensed?

This whitepaper provides you with everything you need know about licensing SQL Server 2014.


SQL Server 2014 is available in three main editions; Standard, Business Intelligence and Enterprise.

Dependant on the edition, SQL Server 2014 can be licenced per core or per server.

When licensing under the core model, you will need to multiply the number of cores by a core factor to identify how many core licences are actually required.

When buying under the core license model, you don’t need to purchase additional client access licences (CALs).

Be aware, core licences are sold in packs of two, therefore, divide the number of licenses required by two to determine the actual number required.

When buying under the Server and CAL model, each user or device must have a SQL Server CAL.


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