SAM – To Insource or Outsource?Whitepaper SAM Insourcing vs Outsourcing

If this is the question you are currently asking, then our latest whitepaper is definitely for you.

The approach is to provide a balanced overview of what is required to deliver effective SAM and then challenge your thinking around:

  • What do you Actually Require? How to make sure.
  • SAM Tools: Do you already have what you need?
  • Skills & Knowledge: Being realistic!
  • Insourcing/Outsourcing Pros and Cons: A balanced view.
  • Cost Implications: Comparing insourcing and outsourcing costs.
  • Finding the Right Staff or Partner: Objectivity is essential.

The ultimate aim of the document is to cut through the complexity and guide readers in a common sense way, to help them make an informed decision of whether to insource or outsource.

Download the whitepaper by visiting:


The LMO Team